“ Learning is a never-ending process “


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  • College: Divya Kripal p.g College
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Thank you for choosing College and welcome to our College
  • The right time to continue your educational goals is always now. The world has changed and it is never too late to study. Young students will build a more successful career due their educational development. In addition, adults and seniors always benefit from school as the global world demands for professionals to stay up to date with current developments. DKPG College purpose is to prepare students with both theoretical and practical knowledge, giving them the right tools to be successful in their careers. Our state of the art education involves professors who are deeply involved within their field, so students are exposed to current day to day practices. We are committed to provide the support you need throughout your professional journey. Our model recognizes the benefits of entrepreneurial education, among any field, for those who would like to join the workforce, as well as for those who would become self-employed. Students who would join a company would be able to offer the employer a different in-depth perspective. He would understand that his role could impact the growth of the company and therefore be an asset for any employer.We recognize, however, that for a person to be successful not only cognitive knowledge is necessary; indeed, one must always search for a mission in life. Our Divya Kripal P.G.College encourages our students to discover and explore their own weaknesses and strengths, and help them develop as Human beings. Workshops such as emotional intelligence, the enneagram and stress management are part of our curriculum to form not only successful professionals but also happy and fulfilled human beings.
  • As a student, you will be part of a friendly family community of students, professors, and administrators who will support you through your journey to make your dreams come true.