“Practical knowledge paves the way for a better understanding”


  • Designation: Director
  • College: Divya Kripal P.G. College
  • Phone: 8318219704
  • Email: [email protected]
  • It gives me great pride and satisfaction to write about Divya Kripal P.G. College. We are passing through a tremendously changing process and our younger generation must be accordingly trained , so that they can address these challenges effectively, timely and meaningfully.
  • Divya Kripal P.G. College under the able guidance and leadership of Mr.Rakesh Kumar Verma is flying high with the mission of “Education For All”, from early to modern education in the small native village of Goswa ,where he is born and brought -up. 
  • The mission “Education For All” specially for rural areas culminated into  Divya Kripal P.G. College.