“ Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.


Dear Students and Parents,

Divya Kripal is one of the fastest growing, educational brand in India which is a blend of continuous innovation and global benchmarking. The objective of the Divya Kripal Mahavidyalaya is to create ‘industry ready’ youth who can be gainfully employed upon completion of their courses.Our outstanding progress by creating world class infrastructure consisting of a sprawling educational campus with green cover which is a landmark..Our focus is on good quality teaching, & Innovation..I am overwhelmed by the progress made by the institution at various levels – academic, cultural and sports. The noteworthy experience of mine is the standard of discipline and the uniqueness that the students and parents have established in the institution.Dedicated teachers, sophisticated equipments, sincerity and punctuality proven our merit and I am sure that in years to come the institution will surpass many established existing institutions.In addition we have several diversifications,. I urge every college family member to make efforts to take the brand to newer heights. Let us make our College the best in professional And Non professional education in the world.

I wish the students, staff and all the employees of the institution the best of luck in making the institution great.